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About us:

BibBits is  new running product that is marketet by PROM’ES Event Supplies, an independant professional company that is active in the Event Supply business since 1995. PROM’ES produces race numbers, medals and other items for organisers and sponsors of running and cycling events. BibBits is a sustainable solution for putting on race numbers.

BibBits are developed as an answer to the demand of many runners who did not want to use safety pins on their expensive apparel anymore and who didn’t like using a start number band. This magnetic Number Bib Attachement is safe for all your clothing and because of the leight weighted and rounded design, BibBits are very comfortable to use. BibBits can be easily and quickly attached to all apparel. 

Besides our standard BibBits, we offer many possibilities to produce BibBits in your own style. You can choose from: your own specific colour, your own print, your own packaging or a combination. This way you can create a perfect premium, give away or retail product.

BibBits: a long lasting branding opportunity!